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The Radiopaque Ruler You Love...Now In Millimeter

May 21, 2021 TZ Medical

This week TZ Medical announced the immediate availability of the Shoot 'N See Millimeter. Physicians, technicians, and managers can order the Shoot 'N See MM by contacting their local representative, visiting tzmedical.com, or emailing info@tzmedical.com.

“Our valued customers have been asking for a millimeter version of the Shoot ‘N See, and now that it has cleared our rigorous testing phase, we are excited to be able to offer this innovative tool to hospitals and OBLs everywhere,” said Michael MacClanathan, Marketing Manager at TZ Medical.

Medical professionals have been benefiting from using the Shoot ‘N See Centimeter in vascular procedures for many years, and TZ Medical is proud to be able to offer two measurement options now. Using the Shoot ‘N See enables the user to quickly cross-reference between the inside and outside of a patient’s body. The Shoot ‘N See is fully visible with or without fluoroscopy and has arrow indicators to indicate the precise location of lesions.

Creating a millimeter version of the Shoot ‘N See was driven by customer feedback and is part of TZ Medical’s commitment to delivering products that meet and exceed the needs and expectations of each customer.

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